Transmission of Information

All essential information of the college and other relevant departments will be displayed on the notice-board of the college. Students are expected to read the notice-board.

Identity Card

It is mandatory to have Identity card to each student, the identity card will be made available by the college and the identity card will be issued from the signature of the Principal. If the Identity card of a student is lost, he has to deposit 100 Rs. In the office to create a new Id card.


Regular attendance of the student is necessary in the classes. Till the end of the session 75% attendance in each subject is mandatory. If less is present, the student can be prevented from attending the examination. In case of suspension from the class room., the attendance of any student will not be valid in class.

Parents are expected that they should note that their wards are regular in their classes. They should continue to get information from the college authorities about the presence and studies of their wards.

Ignorance of the absence of the attendance or lack of progress on behalf of the students or his guardian will not be valid when the student is stopped from the university examination.

Library and Reading Room

There is a proper arrangement for library and reading room. Every student should follow the following rules regarding library and reading room

  1. Each student will get maximum two books at a time, which will be issued for 15 days only.
  2. If the books are not deposited at the prescribed time, penalty will be charged 2 Rs. Per day.
  3. The books will be issued to the students only by the librarian on prescribed day and time.
  4. The students will be responsible for tearing or spoiling books.
  5. The books received by the student from the library will have to be deposited prior to the university examination. Only after this, students will get admit card. Books will not be issued when the Examination begins.


It is expected from each student that they should remain disciplined and adopt favorable behaviors. Disciplinary action will be taken against the students on disciplinary grounds. The rustication of the guilty student is also possible during the college period, the student is forbidden to meet any external visitor. If any student gets admission in college based on concealment of facts or on the basis of false statements, his/her admission can be cancelled at any time by the principle. He/She has been denied being involved in the university exam. If the student is irregular or absent in school and does not have abusive behavior to the teacher or any other employees and cooperates in any work that is against the rules and dignity of the college. or If there is any undue pressure to receive scholarship, action will be taken against him/her as per rules. Talking on mobile in college campus, listening to songs or charging mobile in classroom is prohibited, students will be punished according to the rules by the disciplinary council while confiscating the mobile.

College Uniform

Each student has to come to the college in prescribed uniform.

Scholarship and Reimbursement Facility

Under the government schemes in the college, scholarship and fee withdrawal facility to the student is available according to the permissible conditions of the govt.

College Magazine

The magazine will be published by the college every year. Each student will be able to give his original articles and poems to the teacher incharge for the magazine. Incharge teacher will include only article and poems of higher rank.

University Examinations

The student himself has the responsibility to complete the application for the university exam and by submitting the application in time to the college to get their admit card and it is compulsory to return library books and so on. In the absence of above, students will not be allowed for exam. Parents are expected to ensure that their dependents have followed the above mentioned rules.

Various Committees

Various committees are constituted for the performance of the activities in the college. In some committees, the students are participated there by developing their ability to discharge responsibility and build confidence.

Educational Activities

In addition to the national festivals, academic, cultural and entertainment programs and sports compitions are organized.

  1. Speech debate and improvisation
  2. Group Discussion
  3. Guest Lecture
  4. thought field
  5. Essay and Story Writing
  6. Drama and Acting

Important Rules for Students

The achievement that this school has received is the result of good conduct and excellent result of the students .It is compulsory to follow the following rules for the help and guidance of students.

  1. It is compulsory for the students to get dressed in the prescribed dress by the college.
  2. Without uniform students will be punished as per rules of the college.
  3. Students should keep their bikes, scooter and motor cycles etc. locked at the fixed place.
  4. Vehicle is prohibited in the other place in the additional college premises.
  5. The property of the college which is the property of the students should not be harmed. posting or posting of posters on the wall is prohibited .
  6. Students should respect teachers and one another. They should behave normally within and outside of the college so that they can raise the name of their parents and institution.
  7. Tobacco, beetal, smoking are prohibited in the campus. Rigorous punishment should be given when caught.
  8. Students will not be allowed to leave the college without principal’s permission before the scheduled time.
  9. If a student is found indulging in indiscipline or criminal cases, he/she can be expelled from the college.
  10. Each student has to give 75% attendance by the university.
  11. Change in the Subject will not be allowed after Admission.
  12. To provide health and all round developments, the facilities available in the college should be truly utilized such as play ground, Library and Labs etc.
  13. Students traveling by rail and bus should not travel without ticket and behave fairly with the officials.
  14. Students should take exams seriously. They should understand well that they will not be re-examined if they miss any exam.
  15. A person, who is not enrolled in college, can not sit in the college.
  16. Principal’s decision will be final in discipline and system related matters.

In the light of the order of the Honorable Supreme Court, There is complete restriction on the practice of ragging in the college under the rule number 746/seventy-1- 2009 dated 26-03- 2009. It is important to be aware that raggings are a sensible crime. In case of any involvement in the ragging of any student in the college, strict action will be taken against him/her from the college as per the mandate.